Karl F. MacDorman, director

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Cambridge, UK (1996)
B.A. Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley (1988)
Before joining Indiana University, Karl F. MacDorman was an associate professor at Osaka University, Japan (2003-2005). Previously, he was assistant professor in the Department of Systems and Human Science at the same institution (1997-2000) and supervisor (1991-1997) and research fellow (1997-1998) at Cambridge University. He has also worked as a software engineer at Sun Microsystems and as chief technology officer at two venture companies. He has published more than 60 papers in HCI, robotics, machine learning, and cognitive science.
Research Interests

  • android science
  • machine learning
  • social robotics
  • sensorimotor representation
  • symbol grounding and symbol emergence
  • computational neuroscience
  • computer security

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